Perfection Decades in the Making

The Meadows | Castle Rock, Colorado

Land Development - Civil Engineering

The Meadows encompasses approximately 4,000 acres northwest of downtown Castle Rock, Colorado. The master-planned community includes over 2,000 acres of residential, nearly 400 acres of commercial/office, industrial and integrated business, 405 acres of parks and schools, and 1,050 acres of open space. When complete, the community will host more than 10,000 dwelling units.

Several CORE team members have worked on The Meadows since its inception. Our team’s decades-long involvement in providing master planning, grading, drainage, utility, roadway, and layout design came with many challenges throughout the years. CORE has been a trusted partner for Castle Rock Development on numerous projects throughout The Meadows, including schools, parks, trails, town centers, and a regional detention pond to accommodate the growing community.

Project Highlights
4,000 Acres of Residential, Commercial, Office, Industrial, Parks and Schools
20-Year Relationship with Client and the Community
10,000 Residential Units Planned
1.5 Mile Trail Safeguards Protected Species
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