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Road Reconstruction | Fraser & Grand County, Colorado

Public Infrastructure - Civil Engineering

The Fraser & Grand County Road Reconstruction project — design and construction plans for resurfacing six main collector roads — was a collaborative design and funding effort between Grand County and the Town of Fraser. CORE facilitated the unique arrangement between the Town and County when they became aware that both entities had plans for significant resurfacing projects in 2020. The firm brought decision-makers together and combined the projects, which encouraged more competitive contractor pricing for both entities.

CORE managed the collaborative effort during the planning, design, and construction phases developing and finalizing the road pavement design, construction plans, technical specifications, and bid procurement documents.

Project Highlights
Saved County and Town Taxpayers Thousands of Dollars by Combining Projects
Overall Construction Schedule was Condensed, Shaving Weeks Off of the Schedule
Expert Project Management in Action
Developed Collaborative Model for Other Entities to Adopt
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