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Front Range Midway Solar | El Paso County, Colorado

Energy - Civil Engineering, Land Surveying

Front Range-Midway Solar is a proposed 100 MW utility-scale photovoltaic solar energy generation facility project with battery storage to be constructed in 2022. The 939-acre site includes solar panels, substation, battery storage, collection lines (including an overhead transmission line and underground collection power lines), maintenance facilities, and meteorological monitoring devices (METs).

The project received Wind/Solar Energy Generation Plan Overlay (WSE-O) District approval by El Paso County and the Colorado Board of County Commissioners and received a 1041 Permit approval in 2018 from the El Paso County Planning and Development Department. However, changes to the design after permit approval necessitated a significant amendment to the WSE-O Plan and 1041 Permit, an unanticipated delay, and added expense. To mitigate the project delays, the client tapped CORE to oversee the process to ensure that the new permitting is submitted properly and is shepherded through the appropriate approval channels. The firm’s well-known ability to get permits from documentation to approval got CORE the job. CORE proved its worth by guiding the incumbent consulting engineer to completing the permitting process. For the amendment portion of the project, CORE tracked the previous permit application to identify changes and requirements and compiled the revised site plan (WSE-O Plan). 

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Project Highlights
939 Acre Site
100 MW Photovoltaic Solar Energy Generation Facility
Facility will Generate Renewable Energy for the Region
Permitting Process Experience and Oversight has Facilitated Project Momentum