Urban Development in Rural Douglas County for Tri-Ponte Homes

Sterling Ranch Townhomes | Douglas County

Land Development - Civil Engineering

Within the 3,400-acre master-planned community of Sterling Ranch, Tri-Point Homes’ Sterling Ranch Townhomes are located in rural Douglas County, Colorado. CORE provided civil engineering design services for two separate townhome parcels that encompassed site plan layout through final construction documents.

A denser, urban style of development was desired for portions of Sterling Ranch. However, Douglas County regulations and standards had not been written to adequately address this type of development.

In response, CORE developed extremely detailed area grading plans (1’ – 10’) for Douglas County which helped shape the perception and approach to urban development, while also adhering to very stringent County requirements.

Project Highlights
94 Tri-Pointe Homes Townhomes
CORE’s Designs Helped Shape Approach to Urban Development Standards in Douglas County, Colorado
Urban development construction land in Sterling Ranch
Urban development construction land in Sterling Ranch
Tri-Pointe homes under construction in Sterling Ranch