Site Design for Unique Pre-Fabricated Homes Project in Grand Lake, Colorado

Rocky Mountain Repertory Theatre (RMRT) Off-Broadway Housing

Land Development - Civil Engineering, Land Surveying

Location: Grand Lake, CO

Client: MA Studios | Reference: Scott Munn, Principal Architect, MA Studios |970.887.9366 |

CORE Scope of Work: Land surveying (under separate contract) included an Improvement Location Certificate/Architectural Topographic Map. Civil engineering services included a site plan, a grading and drainage plan, a utility service plan, a detailed grading plan, an erosion and sediment control plan, a horizontal control plan, a paving plan, a storm sewer plan and profile, and a drainage conformance letter.

CORE Fee: $32.5K

CORE Scope Duration and Completion:  2021- 2022 | Construction Completion: April 2023

Project Description:

Since the 1960’s the Rocky Mountain Repertory Theatre has served the Grand Lake, Colorado community, bringing Broadway hits and musical performances to the center stage. The theatre employes actors from across the country and has provided them with housing in Grand Lake for 56 years.

To replace eight of the nine original performer housing cabins, CORE served as a subconsultant to MA Studios providing civil engineering services for the new site plan to contain two modular, two-story housing units for the property, which were prefabricated off-site.

CORE retrofitted the new design on to the existing site, which was less than half an acre. To conserve cost, CORE designed around the existing sanitary sewer, rather than removing it and creating a new one. Due to the site’s proximity to Grand Lake, CORE’s design worked within the confines of minimal infrastructure while incorporating historical drainage patterns. CORE also maintained close coordination with the Town of Grand Lake to ensure minimal disturbance to existing trees and other vegetation.

Grand Lake’s characteristic wooden plank sidewalks were constructed on the property, like those used along Grand Avenue in the downtown shopping and entertainment district.