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Reunion Ridge | Commerce City, Colorado

Land Development - Civil Engineering

Reunion Ridge, part of the Reunion Development, is a 2,000-acre master-planned community comprising over 10,000 single-family residences. The project scope included roadway, utility, and drainage infrastructure, all with their own sets of challenges.

Multiple site constraints required creative engineering layout and design. CORE rerouted natural stormwater and drainage patterns into a newly naturalized drainageway, forming a permanent feature and added amenity for the community. The drainage channelization required that residential lots be raised above the 100-year water surface elevation, a task accomplished by CORE through a Master Grading Plan.

While a project of this magnitude and complexity is expected to bring inherent challenges, CORE’s extensive experience working on over 32,000 acres of master-planned communities adds enormous value. CORE’s experience and expertise help reduce infrastructure costs and are a key reason why the firm’s staff has worked with Oakwood Homes for more than a decade.

Photos courtesy of Terracina Design

Project Highlights
10-Year Relationship with Client
Major Drainage Issues Identified & Resolved
Extensive Coordination with City and Adjacent Developments
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