Home on the Range In Green Valley Ranch Near Denver International Airport

Green Valley Ranch Master Planned Community | Denver, Colorado

Land Development - Civil Engineering, Land Surveying

Green Valley Ranch is one of Denver’s first affordable master planned communities, with 10,000 lots on 2,700 acres. Featuring affordable housing, its proximity to Denver International Airport and the Denver metro area creates a desirable destination for those seeking a close-in residential option with all the amenities, including schools, parks, churches, commercial, retail, and mixed-use facilities.

Several CORE team members have worked on this unique community for over two decades, solving challenges to keep this bustling venture growing and economically thriving. One example is the 48th Avenue East of Pena Boulevard roadway design project that encompassed the widening from a two-lane road with soft shoulders into a four-lane arterial road with a landscaped median, multiple turn lanes, and acceleration and deceleration lanes. This solution effectively accommodates the exponential growth in northeast Denver and the surrounding community.

Major intersections with traffic signals were designed for the 48th Avenue intersections at Telluride and Yampa Streets, creating the needed flow and control for a burgeoning population.

CORE’s 25-year relationship with the client is rooted in our responsiveness and attention to detail.


Project Highlights
10,000 Residential Lots on 2,700 Acres
One of Denver’s First Affordable Master Planned Communities
CORE staff has been Integral to Development of Green Valley Ranch for 25 Years
Green Valley Ranch Instrumental to Northeast Denver’s Growth
Roadway Design for New Four-Lane Arterial Road at 48th Avenue East of Pena Boulevard
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Green Valley Ranch community houses under construction
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