Wide Open Spaces with Room to Roam

Erie Highlands | Erie, Colorado

Land Development - Civil Engineering, Land Surveying

Slated for completion in 2025, Erie Highlands is a master-planned community with more than 350 acres, 900 single-family lots, commercial space, open-space amenities, and a local school with parks. This residential fiber-to-home pilot project is the first in the state and possibly the nation.

CORE devised viable solutions to address drainage and erosion issues, adding drainage swales and berms to prevent nuisance water from exiting the subdivision. Multiple extended detention basins were also added throughout the community to limit the runoff to adjacent neighborhoods. CORE has provided entitlements, planning, and engineering documents for the development.

Project Highlights
First Large-Scale Master Planned Community in Erie
Fiber-to-Home Pilot Project
Community-Enhancing Project
Sitework Moved Over 5M Cubic Yards of Earth
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