New Floodplain Solution and No-Rise Analysis Eliminate Need for Redesign

Connect at First Creek | Aurora, CO

Land Development - Civil Engineering, Land Surveying

Connect at First Creek is a multi-family luxury apartment development in the Green Valley Ranch community in Aurora, Colorado. CORE provided civil engineering and land surveying services which included a design survey, a subdivision plat, easements for Denver Water, and a comprehensive civil construction document package.

The site’s proximity to the Upper First Creek Channel project presented a significant challenge late in the design phase when the project team was informed that the as-built channel improvements were a foot higher than originally designed. The associated changes to the regulatory floodplain from the channel as-built condition resulted in major impacts to the ongoing Connect at First Creek project. This deviation necessitated major changes to the engineering plans and presented the risk of having to move and redesign the entire project site from its original location.

CORE devised a solution that mitigated the need for an entire redesign which would have added significantly to the project’s schedule and budget. CORE designed and proposed the construction of a six-foot flood wall on the east side of the project adjacent to the channel and presented a No-Rise Analysis to the City and County of Denver (CCD) for approval. The successful analysis proved that the proposed site improvements would not raise the recently revised base floodplain elevations of Upper First Creek, nor cause impacts upstream. The analysis was swiftly approved by CCD which helped mitigate impacts to the project’s schedule.

The project finished construction in April 2022.

Project Highlights
Conserved client’s schedule and budget by proposing the construction of a flood wall and a no-rise analysis to mitigate floodplain issues
Seven multi-family luxury apartment buildings with clubhouse, play area, dog park/pet spa, and resort style pool
5.5 acre development in Green Valley Ranch Community
Connect at First Creek floodplain solution
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