Working with Nature to Make the Grade

Candelas Villas | Arvada, Colorado

Land Development - Civil Engineering, Land Surveying

Candelas Villas is a 29.6-acre single-family residential development located in Arvada, Colorado, containing 98 attached duplex units. CORE provided planning for the site, including due diligence, infrastructure, site plans, land surveying, and construction administration.

This parcel was the last fill-in site of a large master-planned community. The long, narrow site had a 75 vertical foot grade differential from end to end. In addition, the developer chose a paired home project on this steep street, creating a uniquely challenging engineering design project. CORE utilized specialized grading analyses and open space tracts to avoid additional retaining walls between the paired homes.

Project Highlights
98 Attached Duplex Units
Significant Grade Differential
Last In-fill Site of Major Development
Candelas Villas9
Candelas Villas8
Candelas Villas7
Candelas Villas6
Candelas Villas5
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