Wind Powers Homes and the Economy

King Plains Wind | Oklahoma

Energy - Natural Resources

The King Plains Wind project is a 250 MW wind farm located in Garfield and Noble counties in Oklahoma, bringing much-needed economic development including employment and tax benefits to the local community. CORE’s project scope included Wind Energy Guidelines Tier 1, Tier 2, and Tier 3 surveys and reports, wetland delineations, permitting, agency coordination, and environmental monitoring during construction.

CORE’s extensive knowledge of the development of wind farms, as well as acumen meeting site challenges on this type of project, aided the firm in navigating an immense number of wetlands, numerous water crossings, and proximity to a whooping crane migratory corridor.

Due to the number of wetlands, design changes, and uncertainty in the federal regulatory environment, numerous wetland delineations were required, including extensive project coordination with the US Army Corps of Engineers. Additionally, CORE’s permitting knowledge and agency relationships allowed the client to get the project permitted even as it transitioned from the original company (through an acquisition) to a new project developer.

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Project Highlights
250 MW Wind Farm Serves as Key Economic Driver for the Area
Full Environmental and Biological Studies
Over 15,000 Acres Leased Land
Wetlands Delineations and Environmental Observance were Key to Project Success