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8 MW Confidential Solar Energy Project | Colorado

Energy - Land Surveying, Natural Resources

CORE provided pre-construction environmental surveys and local permitting for a proposed 8 MW solar energy project located on 60 acres in Colorado. Once completed, power generated from this project will be sold to Xcel under a Power Purchase Agreement to meet the region’s renewable energy goals and to provide renewable energy credits for the landowner. The project offers additional economic incentives, as the land will continue to be used for agricultural purposes allowing sheep to graze amid the solar panels.

Under CORE’s project management, the firm completed multiple environmental studies. CORE also coordinated with many parties to complete a landscape plan, submit all permitting documentation, and retain healthy on-site trees. The sheer number of collaborators, consultants, agencies, and development partners involved in the project took immense coordination to lead, monitor, and assist. Throughout the process, CORE remained engaged and served as the main information conduit to keep the project on schedule and ensure roadblocks were attenuated or removed before encumbering the project.

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Project Highlights
Dual Land Use Conserving Agriculture Practices in Region
Project Buoys Region’s Renewable Energy Goals
8MW Energy to be Generated