Any Way the Wind Blows

220 MW Confidential Wind Energy Project | Wyoming

Energy - Natural Resources

While still in the preliminary planning and design stage, this utility-scale wind energy project will generate up to 220 megawatts of electricity within the 30,000-acre project area and will connect to the electrical transmission grid for general use.

CORE has completed pre-construction environmental and wildlife surveys and site characterization for the proposed project, including Tier I/II Site Characterization, avian use, raptor nest, eagle migration, concentrated prey-base, greater sage grouse, bat acoustic, wetland delineation, and a Resource Level Assessment. 

Coordination with the US Fish and Wildlife Service and Wyoming Game and Fish Department has been ongoing during the pre-construction survey phase of the project. The remote and rugged area required CORE’s field biologists to face extreme weather conditions, including cold, deep snow, and slippery, muddy roads. The site has limited accessibility, which required the team to access the project by foot, snowshoes, cross-country skis, and all-terrain vehicles.

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Project Highlights
Capacity to Generate 220 MW
Remote and Rugged Terrain Accessed Via Snowshoes, Skis, and ATVs
Renewable Energy Goal for the Regional Utility